French Translation Services

We are committed to providing the highest quality translation services while *guaranteeing the best price to our customers.

Our company's success has been built on strict adherence to the first principles of translation services- use only translators who are knowledgeable in their field and who translate into their mother tongue. With experienced, tried and tested, in-house and freelance translators, Language Marketplace's French Translation Services offers its clients quality French translation service at fair prices.
When providing French Translation Services, we recognize that it is not just the word accuracy of a translation that is important but the cultural localization as well, something that only experienced native language speakers can convey.

We offer Localization into French Canadian, Parisian or Continental French.

We translates from French into English and from English into French all types documents including the following:

Technical manuals and patents
Legal documents
Medical literature
Legal and trade agreements
Business and financial statements
Marketing, advertising and public relations materials
Magazine and newspaper articles
Business and private correspondence

We maintain a rigorous quality control process for all translation projects. We are ISO 17100 Certified and CAN/CGSB-131.10 Certified.

All of our translators hold a linguistic degree from a major university in their target language.

All written documents, regardless of their size and turnaround time, are first evaluated by an account coordinator to match the projects nuances with the appropriate translator. A terminology platform may be developed to ensure document consistency. It is then translated, edited, and also proofread by a second translator. Finally, the account coordinator reviews the finished product for structural integrity. This team-oriented process ensures consistency in content, form, and style of the translated document.

We create company-specific glossaries for large on-going translation projects, which tend to have many revisions. Such glossaries ensure accurate and consistent use of terminology for future related translation projects as well.

Our quality french translation services ensure your effectiveness, competitiveness and ultimately your success in foreign and local bi-lingual markets.

Delivery can be arranged by E-mail , fax, courier or regular mail.

We work with ALL file formats. Html, Word, Excel, etc.

Quotations are provided promptly and free of charge only after we have thoroughly analyzed the text. Fees for translation are calculated on a per job basis, based on a number of factors including:

The complexity and nature of the text
The length of the text
The language required

All translations of legal documents will be accompanied by a "Translators' Declaration", however Notarization of documents is also available at a nominal charge.

* We will beat any competitor's price using this process.
Remember, proofreading and editing is included in our already low Prices!!

Please call Toll Free 1-888-294-3032 (or 905-896-8428 ).
E-mail for a fast response!

Our knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way. Our customer service and quality will bring you back.

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